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Weapons violations

Simply put, felony charges are serious. They can - and usually will - stay with you for life. They could keep you from getting a job, establishing credit, can permanently restrict your freedom, and, at worst, could cost you your life. Remain calm. Jeremy Brauer Attorney at Law has researched, fought, and seven days in court handling hundreds of felony cases, just like yours.


He has the experience as both a successful prosecutor, and tenacious defense attorney. You deserve legal counsel that has direct knowledge and experience of how the other side - the side that's charging you - operates and works against you. Jeremy Brauer brings that experience to your side.

Aggressively Defending Against Felony Charges

  • Driving While Intoxicated

  • Aggravated Assault

  • Weapons violations

  • Domestic violence

  • Child abuse

  • Sexual offenses

  • Drug offenses

  • Murder or Manslaughter

You may have been charged with:

Would you rather trust an attorney that is defending against your felony charges for the first time? Or would you rather trust an attorney that has seen your exact charges already, in trial, as a prosecutor and as a defense lawyer? Jeremy Brauer Attorney at Law already garners the best defense strategy for your case, before you've even spoken. That kind of confidence and experience is what will get you the best possible results in court.

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Get the knowledge of the prosecutor and a successful defense lawyer at your side. Trust Attorney Jeremy Brauer for your

felony charges.

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